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Kross Lea Jr 24

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LEA JR 1.0

Modeling on adults Kross Lea we created Kross Lea JR 1.0. It is a recreational mountain bike that will be perfect both for commuting to school and during family weekend trips outside the city. Kross Lea JR 1.0 are adult technical solutions enclosed in a smaller frame adapted to children's height.


Attachments Kross Lea JR 1.0 we based one the concept of a single-frame crank and components of a Japanese bicycle accessories manufacturer, Shimano. This allowed us to create a drive with an eight-row cassette that will allow the child to ride comfortably in any terrain. And it will also minimize the risk of the chain falling.

The suspension fork was  used in the bike with a 50mm stroke to increase travel comfort.

Kross Lea JR 1.0 it's 24 "wheels with tires Mitas V75 Scylla with a width of 1.9 ", which will ensure predictable behavior of the bike both in the city and in the field. It's also brakes v-brake, ensuring safe braking and trouble-free operation.


Kross Lea JR 1.0 frame was made of aluminum performance. This technology is special 6061 aluminium alloy, thank to which the bike is stiff and resistance to breakage. At the same time, it is a relatively light material that can surprise many young cyclist with its properties.

Also the frame is powderpainted, which is reflected in the durability of painting and its resistancetodamageassociated with the daily use of the bike.

Low overrun (adapted to the child's height) of the frame allows for comfortable getting on and off the bicycle. 


310,00 €
881 953 351

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